Cost Per Page Program

Our cost per page program is simple: pay for what you print…to the penny. Unlike other suppliers, we do not force monthly minimums upon our clients. At the end of the month, you are invoiced for the exact amount of print volume conducted within your office.


With a flexible program like ours, that can be inclusive of all routine consumables (toner, drums, maintenance items), service, and parts, our clients are able to forecast and track their printing operating costs in a given month, quarter, or year, allowing them to make informed decisions and strategize on how best to manage a more efficient and cost-effective print environment.


  • Cost Visibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • Simplified Billing
  • Capture / Summarize Print
  • Trends & Metrics


We can support a wide variety of manufacturers on our cost per page program, so call us today and find out how we can manage your internal printers and copiers.