• Why Inktronic?

  • - Inktronic was designed to suit the drawings management and workflow need of both large and small, architectural, engineering, construction, and utilities companies locally, and around the world.
  • - Owners, architects, engineers, consultants, project/construction managers use Inktronic to organize, distribute, and maintain project drawings and documents.
  • - Inktronic has over 40 years of experience in document and print management solutions for the AEC and related industries.

Benefits to Inktronic

- Reduce complexity
- Eliminate scanning
- Capture all changes
- Retain first generation image quality regardless of version number
- Instant communication of drawing changes and markups
- Up-to-date redline drawings with version control

Inktronic Workflow Management

- Task activation and deadline setting
- Task alarms and notifications
- Automated routing of documents
- Automated approval process
- Overview of workflow and progress
- Workflow management through colour keyed task reports
- Milestone validation
- Report generation for task related actions

Inktronic Document and Markup Management

- Version tracking
- Audit trails for all files, markups, and versions
- Instant updates for all changes and additions to the archive
- PDF markup functionality via digital pen, touchscreen, tablet, or computer
- Email notifications and online alerts
- Batch uploading and downloading of documents
- Advanced search capabilities
- Markup merging and layering functionality
- Markup colour customization
- Cloud-based data repository for all project documents
- Order prints online
- Online stamp library
- Enterprise grade security encryption